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Led by our artist in residence


WHEN: SUN 18TH JUNE 2023 // 10am to 3pm

WHERE: Eramboo, 304 McCarrs Creek Road Terrey Hills

Cost: $100 (includes materials)

Please bring: Water bottle, lunch, writing and drawing materials, visual journal, camera or phone with a camera, laptop.

Feeling stuck, in need of inspiration, overwhelmed by choice or unable to get started…

This workshop is suitable for artists looking to build their practice and anyone who likes to think deeply, get creative and try new things. All welcome!

‘Creative Thinking’ is a workshop to inspire the inner voice and get the creative juices flowing. It involves a series of open-ended activities which promote deep thinking, playfulness and experimentation. The activities include a number of prompts, practices and processes that I use in my own artistic practice when I am feeling stuck, in need of inspiration, overwhelmed by choice or unable to get started. I consider them to be my artist’s toolkit, tools passed on to me by my teachers, peers and renowned artists throughout history.

Activities will include techniques for brainstorming and working through ideas, beginning a new work, coping with feeling ‘stuck’, opening and expanding your practice, framing, reframing and refining ideas. We will use a range of accessible materials including words, paper, glue, tape, string, a camera and even our own body. You can expect to have thoughtful conversations, do some speed drawings, create simple sculptural forms, play with your camera, and then spend the last hour dedicated in focused self-directed making.

Over the course of the day, we will play and work our way through the ideas we are interested in, respond to one another and the environment of Eramboo, and find our creative flow state.The workshop will end with a discussion and reflection session where participants can share their experiences and will be given a list of books, references and tools to revisit to combat artist’s block.

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