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Introducing Eramboo’s 2023 Artist in Residence

Bronte Cormican-Jones is an emerging artist and writer whose work explores the field of spatial practice through sculpture, installation, performance and documented works. She is drawn to glass and industrial materials such as steel, bricks and timber and is interested in the way these materials are used in the infrastructure of the world around us. Her works explore visual perception, disorientation and direction. Her current body of work explores relationships between the body and space through the ways that we interact with our reflections in glass and mirrors.

During her residency, Bronte will be creating a new body of work combining photographs of the local bushland with sculptural and architectural installations using glass and mirror.

By printing images of the bushland on mirrors she will prompt interactions between the audience, the gallery and the bush. Her work alters habitual lines of sight, movement and direction through space. Bronte’s artmaking practice will involve placing and photographing mirrors and glass in periscopic arrangements in the bushland around Eramboo. Mapping and cutting through the space with new lines of sight, Bronte will translate her arrangements into the gallery space, with photographic documentation of the bushland transferred onto the surface of the glass. In this way, the two spaces of Eramboo (the inside of the gallery and the external bushland) will be placed in conversation, as one is overlayed onto the other.

These playful and directional works will be on exhibition at the Eramboo Gallery in August 2023.

Stay tuned as Bronte will also be running some thought provoking workshops in the coming months.

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