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Our Board

Meet the team behind Eramboo Artist Environment

Susan Milne – Director

Susan is a Director of Eramboo and has been instrumental in the early development stages of Eramboo’s transition phases right through to the present day. Susan has taught Sculpture classes at Eramboo since 1994 & has been the guiding force for many talented artists emerging through the doors of Eramboo. A practising Artist in her own right with a long list of exhibitions & shows to her credit as well as in collaboration with her partner Greg Stonehouse. She is a driving force behind Eramboo & her dedication to the future of Eramboo is commendable.

Greg Stonehouse – Director

Greg is a Director of Eramboo & along with Susan has a long history in the early development stages of Eramboo. Greg has been the voice & front person for Eramboo on a number of formal & informal occasions. His dedication to the pursuit of creating an artist environment that can be shared by the community & promoting the arts has been on-going. Greg has been a practising artist for over 20 years in both the public domain & galleries.

Geraldene Dalby-Ball – Director

Nature is an ultimate teacher and Elaway sees people’s connection with Nature grow and creates projects that Bring Nature Back into Urban Areas. Aim is to add to the great board and existing vision of Eramboo resulting in Arts/nature Connection reaching the many.  Elaway is known for workshops, ecological projects and the arts to facilitate nature connection. With respect for the depth and importance of knowledge and wisdom from the Original Peoples of Australia and Indigenous Peoples Globally, she is  life-long student of direct teachings on the Principles of Nature. Work includes co-director of Dragonfly Environmental and Director of Ecological Consultants Australia and 8yrs Manager of Environment and Education at NB Council.  A lover of clay and painting large and out doors!

Jenny Green – Director

Jenny Green has spent her professional career working in the area of not-for-profit governance and management as an academic and a company director. Through her interest in community engagement andcivil society she has developed a strong belief in the importance of the arts in shaping and reflecting identity and culture. Working with Eramboo allows Jenny to contribute to an organisation that is making this happen.

Jenny holds a degree in Education from Melbourne University, a Master of Arts in Special Education from Macquarie University, and a Doctorate of Philosphy from the University of Technology Sydney.

Sally Howe – Arts Officer

Sally has had a long association with Eramboo both as an artist and a graphic designer and brings a number of hats to her role. She has worked as a researcher and producer in ABC Radio Archives; as a studio potter in Jamberoo and as a Graphic Designer. She currently also teaches Ceramics. Sally has Fine Arts and Creative Arts degrees. While often time poor, she continues her ceramic art practice producing both tableware and sculptural works.


Kimberly Clouthier – Arts Officer

Kimberly ensures all things run in greased grooves at Eramboo. As a former Eramboo board member she understands the big picture while working day to day to make sure the little things that mean so much are nurtured. Kimberly comes from a business consulting background, working with Fortune 500 clients all over the globe. She seems to have a love for things that begin with ‘s’… sailing, sculpting, salsa, and Share the Spark, the charity she founded in 2017 that helps young people find their spark for life.