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Owen Dyson is a qualified, award winning Jeweller with 25 years experience in the Sydney jewellery trade. He is also a qualified Gemologist and Lecturer on Corundum (sapphire & ruby) for the Gemological Association of Australia.

Saturday 25th November // 10am – 12.30 (2.5 hours)

Eramboo, 304 McCarrs Creek Rd, Terrey Hills 

$120 (Includes materials and tools)

This workshop offers an introduction to the traditional craft of jewellery manufacturing and design amongst the eramboo gum trees.

Traditional jewellery manufacturing involves the manipulating of precious metals by hammering, bending, rolling, filing, heating, soldering, quenching, sanding and polishing. These techniques, which are many thousands of years old, are still the fundamentals of jewellery manufacturing today.

In this workshop you’ll be guided through the process of making a leaf design pendant ~ this will involve using a pre-prepared and pre-textured/patterned sterling silver plate. You’ll also prepare a chain to go with it. The leaf will be “saw pierced” into shape using a jewellers saw, filed smooth in places, then hammered softly and hand manipulated into shape before you solder a bale onto the top for the chain to run through. Finally, you’ll learn to polish the pendant and clean in the ultrasonic cleaner. 

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