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Saturday 1 July and Saturday 28 July

Announcing a Masterclass with distinguished artist Shona Wilson! This will be a 2 day Masterclass (bookending a 28 day moon cycle) creating a talisman or personal spirit object with natural found materials and personal treasures.

Participants will create a surprising and beautiful object that is more than an artwork but one that contains special meaning and power for them. The work can be hung on the wall or ceiling without a frame.

The workshop is for two full days, 1 July and 29 July. Day One of the workshop focuses on developing ideas and advancing skills and techniques with materials followed by planning, drawing and beginning making. Day Two is finishing and resolving the creations along with sharing the meaning and narratives embedded in the works. The period in betwixt is an opportunity for participants to further work on their creation and its symbolism if they wish.

Participants will be required to bring their own collection of natural materials and personal treasures eg jewellery, photographs, as well as binding materials such as rope, wire, string and handtools. A more detailed list of what to collect and bring will be forwarded upon booking.

When you commence booking SELECT EITHER DATE – you will automatically be booking for both Sundays, 1st and the 29th of July, at a combined cost of $350. Participants must be able to attend both workshop days.

Shona Wilson is a contemporary sculptor who has engaged with natural found material to create both intricate and awe inspiring assemblages and sculptures for over 20 yrs. She exhibits nationally and internationally and is represented by Arthouse Gallery, Sydney Australia. They write “The artist perceives nature’s materials to be repositories of information, stories and knowledge: ‘for me, these materials have become a set of keys, unlocking doors to science, history, memory, imagination and spirit.’

To find out more about Shona’s art please click here

COST $350.00

BOOKINGS: Shona Wilson Masterclass Eventbrite

If you need further assistance with booking please email