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Works by artist Sue Appleby

5–6 & 12-13 October 2019, 11am–4pm

Opening Event: Saturday, 5th October 2–4pm. Opened by Tanya John, MA Ed. BA VA

Landscapes of the Mind explores artist Sue Appleby’s experiences and encounters during her examination of dreams and sleep subconsciousness. Her work with a variety of media is reflected in a wide-ranging landscape of multi-faceted works. 

Sue Appleby states:

“I have created a body of work that encompasses sculpture, oil painting and drawings. My works range from fully abstract paintings that are reminiscent of landscapes, through to figurative sculptures. I have an overarching theme of the subconscious, dreams and sleep. My abstract paintings begin by downloading after my busy day at work. I often stand back and say -yes- that is exactly how I’m feeling about my day. My works display my thoughts in visual form when words are not enough.”