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Immersed in the Eramboo bushland experience an intensive landscape painting Masterclass with leading Australian watercolourist Mark Dober. Working with watercolour and oil pastel Mark guides you through composition, colour mixing, paint application techniques, patterning and mark making to enhance the expressive and dynamic qualities of your work.

WHO: The workshop is ideal for watercolour painters who want to extend their skills and techniques with a master watercolourist or for beginners wanting good foundation skills in watercolour with an experienced teacher.

DETAILS: This is a 6 hour workshop using watercolour and oil pastel. Mark will show you how to structure your composition, how to see and mix watercolours, the various ways to apply the paint (wet into dry and wet into wet), and how to find an equivalent in patterning and mark making to the shapes and textures seen in nature.

You will work on watercolour paper of a full sheet size (56 x 76 cm). Paper will be available to work on a second, smaller work, if there is time to spare.

Mark will demonstrate how to incorporate oil pastel into the work so as to make for an integrated and organic process. The oil pastel will add tonal range, contrast, and a gestural vitality to your work. The aim is to strike a balance between the delicate and atmospheric quality of watercolour, and the bold vitality of oil pastel so that the two media together enhance the expressive and dynamic qualities of your work.

COST: $150.00, includes all materials such as watercolour paper and morning tea. If participants have watercolour brushes, tools, paints they regularly use please bring those along. Please BYO lunch, or alternatively lunch can be purchased at Terrey Hills café (3 minutes drive away). Bring along sun protection such as a hat, sunscreen.

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About Mark Dober:

Mark Dober is a leading Australian watercolourist who specializes in plein air landscape. He lives and works in Castlemaine, in central Victoria. Mark is completing an Artist Residency and a plein air landscape research project at Eramboo in September, with artist Elizabeth Nelson.

Mark is frequently shortlisted in prestigious national drawing and painting prizes with his watercolour and mixed media work. These have included the last three of the NSW Plein air Painting Prize. Mark and Elizabeth have their first solo show in Sydney in September 2018. This year Mark is also exhibiting Hill End watercolours (with mixed media) at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (with Elizabeth Nelson). In 2017 Mark had a solo exhibition of multi-sheet watercolours of the You Yangs at Geelong Art Gallery.

Mark conducts regular painting workshops, including recently with Bendigo Art Gallery, Geelong Art Gallery, and the National Gallery of Victoria. Mark has a PhD in Painting from Monash University. He is a regularly published art writer – his most recent article was on Fred Williams and published in The Age.

Mark’s art work can be seen at: