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WHEN: 27-30 July // 10am to 3pm

WHERE: Eramboo, 304 McCarrs Creek Road Terrey Hills

An exhibition showcasing the work of the artists currently working in the studios at Eramboo.

Join us to explore the wonderful world of our studio artists. ..

Alyson Bell

is a Sydney based multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in video and installation. Pushing outside of the traditional 2-dimensional moving-image format, artworks respond to ‘happenings’ both close to the heart through to subjects of greater magnitude in the wider world. These may translate in a darker transformational context or even surprise with an element of playfulness.

Alyson is a graduate of the VCA Film & Television School, Melbourne and Leeds University, UK (BA Hons Design). She has been exhibiting since 2015 at festivals, galleries and art prizes in Sydney and beyond. More recently she was the winner of the 2022 North Sydney Art Prize  Major Open Award with her video installation ‘The Twilight Hour’.

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Abbey Bryon

is an emerging abstract artist, originally from rural New South Wales, now based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Working from memory and experience and informed by the unapologetic Australian environment, her work is an unforced and organic abstraction of the natural world. Her process involves intuitive and playful mark making which loosely reflects the landscape, either imaginary or recalled from memory or muse. Utilising colour theory and mood, she develops unexpected palettes and compositions.

Her latest series, Renewed, explores unique landscape compositions and mirrored imagery through diptych. Various pieces have been painted to allow the collector to arrange them in four different ways: either side-by-side or mirrored vertically. Through this process, she invites the viewer to challenge bias and perspective, and encourages holistic views, experimentation, and open minded exploration of ideas.

Highly receptive to her environment, the artist finds a wealth of inspiration in her studio space at Eramboo Artist’s Environment in Terrey Hills, surrounded by bushland and bordering the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. She uses mixed media including acrylic, charcoal, oils and pastel to convey her connection to the land.

Abbey was highly commended in The Gallerist’s Emerging Art Prize 2021 with her work “Amateur’s Hill After A Thunderstorm”. She has exhibited with The Other Art Fair in Sydney, where she was a featured artist within the Saint Cloche curation as well as the Art Money Curation in December 2021. She was a finalist in the prestigious Lethbridge Landscape Prize (Salon des Refusés) for her piece “Red Hill One” in April 2023. Her work is featured and sold via Art Lovers Australia and Bluethumb Art, and has been featured in several issues of Art Edit Magazine. 

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Ross Halfacree

Ross has been a member of the Eramboo Artist Environment since 2019. Primarily using acrylic and mixed media, Ross paints geometric and landscape abstractions as well as his own form of pop/street art. Over the past 3 years he has been a finalist in more than 30 local and international art awards, including winning the Whiteheart Gallery’s mixed media category in their Wildlife Art 2023 International Juried Art Exhibition. He has been invited to show his work called “Celebration” at the 2023 London Art Biennale.

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Brett Green

has lived on the fringes of suburbia for most of his life, native bushland has been a constant playground for Brett since early childhood. After a career in graphic design, he completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts – Painting, with Honours at Sydney College of the Arts in 2019. Brett currently resides on Sydney’s northern outskirts and paints in his bushland studio space that neighbours Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. He renders his landscape subjects in both representational and abstract styles, endeavouring to capture both the physical and spiritual realms of nature. Inspired by his frequent explorations in bushland surrounding his studio, and further afield, Brett examines visual impressions observed in nature’s inherent painterly characteristics.

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Bronte Cormican-Jones

is Eramboo’s current Artist In Residence and the recipient of the 2023 Eramboo – Northern Beaches Council Artist in Residence Award…

Bronte is an emerging contemporary visual artist and writer. She has recently completed Honours in Visual Arts (Sculpture) at Sydney College of the Arts.

Her work explores the field of spatial practice through sculpture, installation, performance and documented works. She is drawn to glass and industrial materials such as steel, bricks and timber and is interested in the way these materials are used in the infrastructure of the world around us. Her works explore visual perception, disorientation and direction. Her current body of work explores relationships between the body and space through the ways that we interact with our reflections in glass and mirrors.

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