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23 June-8 July

Opening Saturday 23 June 2pm

The last exhibition in the Constant Craving series features the work of artists Penny Burnett, (Tasmania), Michelle Perrett, (resident artist at Eramboo), Sha Sarwari (Victoria) and Eunice McAllister (Northern Beaches).

The artists have responded to a discussion about our continuous drive to consume materials and technologies. They observe and question the constant pressure to keep up, to strive and accomplish, while yearning to achieve a balance and live peacefully and harmoniously in our home worlds. These artists explore through visualising how we can create a balance between nature and human design and new industries. They ask what is the difference between collecting and hoarding? Or how did shopping become part of our identity?  Or if you are a refugee and all your possessions are gone – what sustains you and brings back a sense of belonging?

Some artists acknowledge that making art from man made and found materials also makes us part of the problem.  But artists are also a part of the solution, bringing the positive side of human ingenuity to help solve waste and reassignment problems globally, now and into the future.