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Ceramic Workshop with Julie Bartholomew

4th & 5th June 2022 – 10am to 4pm

Eramboo 304 McCarrs Creek Road Terrey Hills

Immerse yourselves in the tactility of clay by exploring the relationship between the world of bees and clay.

The workshop will concentrate on the creation of clay forms with linear surface images inspired by the plants from which Eramboo bees collect pollen and nectar. Using terracotta clay, underglazes and terra sigillata rendered onto tiles and 3D hand-built slab forms, various building and surface treatment techniques will be explored.

Beeing refers to the continuing survival of bees, “being” pollinators and “being” in existence. Populations of bees are on the decline on a global scale. They are severely impacted particularly in Australia since the Black Summer fires. The loss of billions of insects is little understood, and it has ramifications for humans because bees are important pollinators and maintain biodiversity.

This workshop is suitable for beginners with limited experience to advanced learners seeking to broaden their skills and creative practice.

During the workshop, Julie will discuss her most recent project titled Habitat, which involves the creation of innovative and habitable clay beehive structures and aims to raise awareness of the declining bee population.


$380 for 2 days (including materials)