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4-19 November, 2017, Sat-Sun, 11-3

Catherine Rogers and Suzanne Davey join forces to explore the intersections between the natural world and human behaviour for the fourth exhibition in the ‘Undone by Nature’ series curated by Dr Therese Kenyon.

Catherine Rogers looks at ways in which nature can reclaim itself. ‘Back to Nature 2’ is a series which looks at the processes by which nature destroys man-made objects by overtaking and smothering, by eroding and dissolving form and colour, turning made products into useless bits and, finally, to dust.

Suzanne Davey explores the garden as an exchange zone between us and environmental forces, a space of constant flux and transformation. ‘The Garden of Cruel Delights’ is an ongoing series investigating emotional boundaries between us, plants and spaces we co-inhabit.

The exhibition features photography, mixed media installation and ceramics.

Catherine Rogers photographic practice draws on the many different photographies available now – from nineteenth-century emulsions to twenty-first century digital print making to render imagery about our environment and how we impact on it. Catherine is a distinguished Australian photographer (MFA UNSW, PhD UWS) whose work features in major cultural institutions such as the MCA, AGNSW.

Suzanne Davey’s creative practice is focused on mixed media installation and sculpture. By creating spatial ensembles from textiles, ceramic, natural and everyday materials she aims to examine fragility in natural systems, social struggles and inter-relationships between people and spaces they inhabit. Suzanne has exhibited widely in gallery, public and natural spaces.