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1-3 April 2022
10am – 4pm
Opening celebration: 2 April 2-4pm

Eramboo Artist Environment
304 McCarrs Creek Road, Terrey Hills

Taking inspiration from the bushland environment on Garigal country, the collective of artists at Eramboo are holding a multidisciplinary group exhibition that will showcase a broad range of art styles and creative forms.

Each artist explores and responds to their environment, culture and personal stories in unique ways with many inextricably linked to the landscape and social messaging.

Through the selected works, the exhibition will spark dialogue and there will be an opportunity to talk to the artists during the exhibition.

Sticks & Stones will feature unique:

stone sculptures, fibre art, paintings and digital art

by outstanding emerging Australian Artists including Ross Halfacree, Catriona Pollard, Paul Cooper, Brett Green, Alyson Bell and Claire Brown.


Ross is a full-time practicing artist and a member of the Eramboo Artist Environment in the northern suburbs of Sydney since 2019. Using acrylic and mixed media, he works mainly withGeometric and Landscape Abstractions as well as creating Social Messaging artworks. Over the past 2 years Ross has been a finalist in more than 12 art awards across Australia.



Catriona is a contemporary artist who uses traditional basketry techniques to transform foraged plant fibres into organic sculptural works. Her unique sculptural work offers glimpses of shapeshifting natural forms, from unnoticed branches, leaves and seedpods into works that investigate human’s personal connection with the natural world. 



Paul is a manipulator of objects, processes and perceptions. As a graduate of art and engineering, Paul explores relationships technically and conceptually. His processes are journeys that explore possibilities that produce art which is offbeat and yet unavoidably appealing. A multidisciplinary practitioner, Paul works across sound, video, photography, printmaking, sculpture and performance.



Brett is an emerging painter who resides on Sydney’s upper North Shore. Living on the fringes of suburbia for most of his life, native bush land has been a playground for Brett since early childhood.  He renders his landscape subjects in both representational and abstract styles, endeavouring to capture both the physical and spiritual realms of nature.



Alyson works primarily in installation and the moving image. Her artworks are conceptually-driven, often centring around a connection to place and exploring darker interior and transformational themes; yet paradoxically, an element of playfulness may also surprise. Alyson has been exhibiting since 2015 in various festivals, galleries and art prizes including Bundanon’s Siteworks Festival, Gaffa Gallery and the Northern Beaches Art Prize 2021.


Claire grew up in Forestville, a suburb on Garigal country, behind the Northern beaches of Sydney. Claire studied sculpture at the National Art School where she completed a Master’s degree in sculpture. Stone became her chosen medium and the process of direct carving, her preferred method. Working within the field of abstraction, Claire explores references to the figure and landscape with an interest in suggestive forms taking on associations to one’s own lived experiences and surroundings.