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An artistic collaboration of Nina Miyashita’s words & Yvonne Cleaver’s visual art.

Exhibition Dates:

14th – 15th March & 21st – 22nd March 2020, 11-4pm.

Opening Reception: Saturday 14th March 2 – 4pm

* * * * *

From Tehran to Osaka with Love is a work seen to appreciate an individual’s journey of cultural identity. The complexities and beauty of cultures in the East ultimately demonstrates a little of what makes all people one of the same; our courage, our art, our dreams and our fears and our need to belong.

The artworks in this exhibition found their inspiration from words. Poetry allows for the imagination to run free with vivid imagery ready to be translated visually. The multimedia works allow for a broad range of expression, which in turn bring each poem to life. Deeply layered paintings reflect the rich visual and cultural heritage of both Japan and Iran.

* * * * *