Eramboo's Gallery Space

The Gallery at Eramboo is a 12mx5.5m space. Being the centraleramboo_gallery2.jpg part of Eramboo’s main building you will have access to our expert curatorial advice if required, kitchen and entertainment facilities, and Eramboo’s beautiful bush setting.


$250 pw

Your hire fee covers:

Gallery lighting, curatorial advice, invitation template, media and free listings, e-mail newsletter circulation to Eramboo’s database, access to preferred printer and designer, all power and outgoings, use of plinths and lighting, access to kitchen and bar facilities, access to single-phase power.


There are some areas of the gallery which are not available for hanging artworks. Please refer to gallery hanging maps and discuss your requirements with a gallery staff member.

Exhibition Application Form

Please fill out below form, please make sure you provide all information requested befor submitting your application.

Please write a brief summary outlining the exhibition. Please include information on the art form, idea/concept, the scale of the work(s) and the number of works you think to include your exhibition. (Max500 words)

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